Clickteam Firefly – Fusion 2.5 (Jan 2018) Podcast

Clickteam Game Dev Podcast

In the podcast today I am accompanied by Triadian. The main developer of Clickteam Firefly which is the 3D extension add-on for Clickteam Fusion 2.5. We cover many sub-topics in this game dev podcast, mostly relating to Firefly and the integration of the IRR engine into Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and we discuss a few other […]

July 2017 – The State of Fusion 2.5

Game Development Podcasts

Hey Guys! In this podcast I cover the current state of Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Fusion 3 does interest me a LOT and when it’s here, I will probably insta-migrate over to Fusion3 and let Fusion 2.5 sail off into the sunset. However, for now, Fusion 2.5 does everything I need it to do and here’s […]

Clickteam Fusion 3 Release Date

Clickteam Fusion 3 Release Date

Clickteam Fusion 3 is the long-awaited next-generation game and app development tool by Clickteam. Clickteam Fusion 3 has a specified release date of fourth quarter 2017. So what does this mean? Clickteam Fusion 3 Development Fusion3 will be a, once-again, pioneering software for Clickteam. It will take the company and the users into the next […]