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Everything you need to succeed with Clickteam Fusion 2.5


Jam-packed with tutorials for all levels. From beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Over 19+ Hours worth of Video Tutorials covering a wide range of topics.


Exclusive ClickFusion Academy downloads from examples to graphic libraries.

Live Streams

Access Academy-Only Pro Live Streams from our private viewing page.


Access our AnswerStack and get direct support and community support where needed.

Christmas 2019 SALE NOW ON off Pro Membership!


Over 19+ hours of Exclusive Video Tutorials

With over 19 hours of exclusive video tutorials, there is a never-ending list of content teaching you how to use Clickteam Fusion 2.5!

All of our video tutorials inside the Pro Membership hub at exclusive to the Academy and cover a wide variety of topics, subjects and routines for Clickteam Fusion 2.5!


Learn how to create visual effects

Learn the routines the professionals use to create special visual effects for your games using Clickteam Fusion 2.5! All of our special effects tutorials are cross-platform compatible!

Everybody wants to learn how to code their own games and design their own levels but what about special effects? Those cool explosions, those lighting effects you see in games. You can learn it all.


Learn Fastloops and ForEach loops like never before

Learn how to design, write and execute Fastloops and ForEach loops like never before! Fastloops can cut down code by up to 90% by making things dynamic. Take a typical 20 event lines and make it into just 1 event. ForEach Loops are equally as important to learn as they can increase scoping times by up to 90% cutting down on code and ensuring proper object selection!

Learn how to develop games and apps with Fusion 2.5

Not only do you get access to our full library of content, you also get support for your projects too!

Featuring over 30 categories packed with tutorials covering a vast array of game types, game engines and platforms, there is something for everybody to learn how to develop games and applications with Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Sudoku Game Engine Open Source

Analyse, study, learn Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Check out and download all the available content exclusive to Pro Members of the Academy.

From quick examples to full-blown game engine MFAs. Learn how get advanced with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and be amazed at what you can create. With fully commented source code.

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  • Lifetime Membership - No Subscriptions

Pro Membership

Lifetime Membership. No Subscriptions!
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  • Over 19+ hours of Exclusive Video
  • Access Over 160 Tutorials
  • Step-by-Step Written Tutorials
  • Exclusive Premium Downloads
  • Early Access to New Material
  • Access to Pro Live Streams
  • New Content added Weekly
  • Lifetime Membership - No Subscriptions

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Sudoku Game Engine Open Source



A full game engine complete with source code for you to use!
Game Development Pack

Game Developer Pack

Game Developer Pack

Over 600+ development files including Graphics, Backgrounds, UIs, Icons and much more!
Cardz Fusion Extension

Cardz Extension

Cardz Extension

Design your own card games using this exclusive Academy-Only Cards extension!
Chip Choons Volume 1



Get 18 unique Chip Tunes to use for your games royalty-free!
Fusion FX Sound Effects

Fusion fx - sfx

Fusion FX - SFX

Over 2,000 royalty-free sound effects to use in your games and apps!
Pro Music Trax

Pro Music Game Trax

Pro Music Game Trax

Over 120 royalty-free music tracks for use in your games or apps!


Monster Download Pack for Pro Members

  • Chip Choons - Volume 1 - Music Collection
  • Fusion FX - SFX - Over 2,000 Sound Effects
  • Pro Music Game Trax - Over 120 Pro Music Tracks
  • SpaceTrax - 20 Music Tracks, 20+ SFX + 10 Loops
  • Sudoku Game Engine - Full Engine Source Code
  • Game Dev Pack - Over 600 Items from Artwork, Icons, UI, Backgrounds + More!

Here is a preview of what to expect (and more)...

Getting Familiar

  • Event Editor - A closer look
  • App Properties - An in-depth Look
  • Main Interface - An in-depth look
  • What is an event in Fusion 2.5?
  • The Application Properties - Another Look
  • Workspace Layout - More in-depth
  • The Newbie Manual
  • Getting Familiar with Fusion 2.5
  • Basic 'How To'
  • Common Objects - Overview
  • The Art Editor
  • The Event List Editor
  • The Event Editor
  • The Workspace Layout

Movements in Fusion 2.5

  • Bouncing Ball Movement
  • The Path Movement
  • The Mouse Movement
  • Eight-Directional Movement
  • The Racecar Movement
  • The Platform Movement
  • The Pinball Movement
  • The Spaceship Movement
  • Platform Movement Example
  • Plus Additional Downloads

Specific Objects

  • The Lives Object
  • The Counter Object
  • The Backdrop Object
  • The Active Object
  • The Button Object
  • The String Object
  • The Score Object
  • The Q&A Object
  • The String Tokenizer
  • The Score & Lives Object in Unison
  • The Quick Backdrop Object
  • Plus Additional Downloads

Getting to know the runtime

  • Global Values and Strings
  • Alterable Values and Strings
  • The Random Function
  • The Playarea and Scrolling
  • Collisions and Collision Detection
  • The Debugger
  • Basic Object Scoping
  • Analysing an Event in Fusion 2.5
  • Spreading values to create IDs
  • If - Else Statements
  • Basic Scrolling
  • Plus Additional Downloads

Built-in Conditions

  • Create your own Game Timers
  • Creating Tiles using a Fastloop
  • Pre-loading Frames in Fusion 2.5
  • Save & Load Levels in your Games
  • Random Numbers
  • Create Objects and Manually Place
  • Create Objects and Place Dynamically
  • Setting a Manual Cooldown in Fusion 2.5
  • Detecting Obstacles at Runtime
  • Pseudo-Delta Time in Fusion 2.5
  • Creating Objects by Name
  • Plus Additional Downloads

Visual Effects

  • After-Image Effect
  • Random Values, Strings and Animations
  • Change Paddle Width in-game
  • Drag a Window (without a heading)
  • Pasting as Backdrops
  • Flags
  • Proper Parallax in Fusion 2.5
  • Awesome Rain Effect
  • Create a Newspaper Headline Effect
  • An Introduction to Scaling in Fusion 2.5
  • Simple Lighting Effects
  • Plus Additional Downloads

DATA INPUT and output

  • Did someone modify your INI file?
  • Save & Load Global Values with INI
  • Understanding the String Tokenizer
  • Basic Inventory System
  • Loading and Saving with the File Object
  • Save/Load Data with Basic Protection
  • Using an INI File
  • Generating your own Crash Logs
  • Save Data before user Ends the App
  • Save & Load Levels in your Games
  • Using Text Files to your Advantage
  • Plus Additional Downloads

Application Development

  • An introduction to App Development
  • Executing External Executables
  • Detecting File Drops in Fusion 2.5
  • Create your own Updater in Fusion 2.5
  • Instance Detection
  • Drag n Drop Multimedia Files
  • Creating a Custom Font Dialog
  • Building a Windows OS Shell Application
  • Save Data before User Leaves
  • GET Object - A Basic API
  • Adding Translation to your Projects easily
  • Plus Additional Downloads

Game Mechanics

  • How to design a Pong Game
  • Learn to design & develop a Platformer
  • Learn how to Develop a Space Shoot 'em up
  • Maze Game Engine with Level Editor
  • Character Selection
  • Board Game Mechanic
  • Built-in Timers with Custom Intervals
  • Parent and Child Support Systems
  • Working with Qualifiers
  • Grid Movement with Fusion 2.5
  • Endless Runner with Random Platforms
  • Plus Additional Downloads

The above is just a preview, not even the full list!

160+ Tutorials and counting...

  • Written Tutorials
  • Video Tutorials
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Beginner Tutorials
  • Intermediate Tutorials
  • Advanced Tutorials

If you are looking for a specific tutorial and it’s not covered, just drop us a line and we will cover it for you. We are all about people learning Clickteam Fusion 2.5 from top-to-bottom!

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“You want to learn all about game creation? Grab this membership! It’s well presented and easy to follow. Perfect for both beginners and already experienced Fusion 2.5 users”

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“Valuable Information, clear explanations, engaging delivery, helpful practice activities, accurate course description & a knowledgeable instructor. 5 out of 5 stars! Lots of downloads too!”

Liam Roberts

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“There is a wealth of knowledge at your disposal with the Academy. With regular updates, a helpful community and 1-to-1 tutoring this is a must-have for anyone wanting to jumpstart their development career!”


Instant Access to

  • Over 160+ Tutorials
  • Over 19+ hours of Video Tutorials
  • Exclusive Downloads
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials

Exclusive content

  • Early access to new material
  • Free graphic libraries
  • Free Academy-Exclusive extensions
  • Game Marketing Packs

Pro Member Benefits

  • Access new products early
  • Big discounts on OCT courses
  • New content added weekly
  • Software discounts


SALE NOW ON off Pro Membership!

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