Free Clickteam Video Tutorial – JumpJump

JumpJump Video Tutorial for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 This free Clickteam video tutorial will guide you through creating a game called JumpJump in less than 30 minutes. See how easy and quick you can design and develop your own games with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. If you like this video, why don’t you consider joining the ClickFusion Academy […]

Smooth animations

I need to have the character do an animation before they go over to their full animation like. Character is stopping and will turn left then the animation shall show a smooth turning and after that end up in stopping animation to the left. Same with walking and running and jumping and landing.

saving the animation frame of multiple instances of an object to an ini file

I have 16 objects titled “Active 1” that each have 4 frames in there animation. When a user clicks “Active 1”, its animation will jump to a random frame. When the user ends the application, I want the ini file to save for all instances of “Active 1” and load when the application is restarted. […]

Clickteam’s Klik and Play Revisited

Klik n Play (KnP) is Clickteam’s original, pioneering game maker product that opened a brand new door for game making development. It was the very first product in the Click range and a new baby was born in the game making world. Klik n Play is still available for download here. (5MB – Windows). This […]

Creating a Car Skid effect in Fusion 2.5

How to create a car skid effect in Fusion 2.5 In this tutorial we look at how you can create a ‘skid mark’ effect in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for your car games. It’s a relatively simple procedure and it has lots of room for customisation especially on the event you want it to happen. Let’s […]

Join the ClickFusion Academy

Become a Pro Lifetime Member The way to learn Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Become a Pro Member Learn More 1000+ Members 160+ Exclusive Tutorials 19+ Hours of Video Tutorials Over 130 Downloads 12 Live Streams Per Year No Subscriptions Lifetime Membership Instant Access Everything you will need to level up from Beginner to Advanced with Clickteam […]

Academy – Changelog

ClickFusion Academy – Changelog This is the official changelog. From here you can see what updates have been done, changes and modifications to the website, content and the userbase. It also lists entries for new features, features that have been removed or modified. Important updates will reflect here aswell as the Academy Members newsboard. October […]