How to Save and Load Text in Fusion 2.5

In this free Clickteam Fusion 2.5 tutorial, we will look at how you can insert text into your Fusion 2.5 application, then save and load text files to/from your application.

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Setting up the playarea

Open Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and create a new blank application. Jump into Frame 1 and let’s insert a few objects. First, insert an editbox and position it in your frame, you can even size it to the size of most of your frame. Then insert two button objects. You can download the template mfa file here, or insert your own. Once you have inserted two buttons, rename them to Save and Load, respectively. Either way, your frame should now look like this…

Save and Load Data Fusion 2.5

Now we need to set up a few properties for the editbox. Select the editbox in the playarea and hover over to it’s properties tab window. We need to ensure we check the properties:

  • Multiline
  • Vertical scrollbar
  • Vertical autoscroll

Like so…

Editbox Properties Fusion 2.5

Once done we can now jump into the Event Editor (Ctrl+E) and code some events.

Coding the Events

Once in the event editor, create a new event (new condition) and hover over the Save button, right click and select Button Clicked? Once this event is inserted, on that event line, hover over to the editbox icon, right-click and select Files > Save text file via a file selector, like so…

Event Editor in Fusion 2.5

Now, let’s insert a new event and this time, hover over the load button and select Button Clicked? when this event is inserted, hover over to the editbox icon again, right-click on this event line and select Files > Load Text file via a file selector. Like so…

Load Text File in Fusion 2.5

At this point you can run your application. When you run the application, type in some text or some paragraphs and click the Save button. It will launch a save dialog allowing you to save the text file. Type in a sample name like testfile.txt and click Save. Once done, click the Load button and it will allow you to now load this text file.

You can see how in just two simple events you have now managed to save and load a text file to the editbox object with Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

If you subscribe to our ongoing course, you will also learn how to save/load custom formats using the file selector dialog and even learn how to save binary formats and create your own custom save/load dialogs in Fusion 2.5.

You can download the completed MFA file from here to study and continue working with to expand some features.

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