Summer Update Podcast (21st August 2018) 50% Off Pro Membership - Use Code: FUSIONRAD at checkout - ClickFusion Academy Competition - Game Launcher Creator - Hey everyone, it's been a while since…

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2019 Update

In 2018, we sent out surveys and listened to your feedback. Throughout January 2019, we will be performing a re-design of the ClickFusion Academy layout, design and navigation. We will…

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The Value of Naming

Imagine, just imagine... If the world, full of 7.6 billion people (at the time of writing and not entirely 100% accurate) had no names. We all had no names, no…

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August Competition

Serious prizes to be won! Days Hours Minutes Seconds Let your friends know... Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn StumbleUpon 1. Introduction The aim of the competition is to create your own…

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