March 2018 Podcast – Clickteam/Fusion/Academy

This is a Monday game dev podcast! Wow! Lots to talk about including the work I’ve been doing the last month or so (even though the last podcast was like a week ago)! Lots of stuff related to Clickteam, Fusion 2.5, the ClickFusion Academy, Devvoed and so much more!

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What I talked about in today’s podcast, don’t forget to check out… Here are the links:

Quiz Engine Video Course: Click Here (50% OFF with this link)

Fusion 2.5 Game Dev Crash Course: Click Here (77% OFF with this link)

Fusion 2.5 Space Shooter Course: Click Here (50% Off with this link)

Devvoed: Click Here. (Pop in your email address for notification of going Live!)

Clickteam Blog (Job Post): Click Here.

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