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A Personal Message

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Hello everyone,

This is Danny here from the ClickFusion Academy (OneClick Training). I wanted to address you all personally because today is a very special day for me (and hopefully for you too).

I haven’t done a podcast in a while and I have one set for this week coming. An hour of listening to my therapeutic “northern” UK voice 🙂

I wanted to write this blog post personally because today is an exciting day! I won’t bore you to death with a huge journal entry but let me rewind slightly here, please bear with me…

Back in 2013, I wrote a course for Udemy. Namely, Getting Started with Multimedia Fusion 2. It was an exciting time for me because having used MMF2 professionally (yes I was working as a freelance developer) I was developing stuff with MMF2 that was completely unheard of. Potential clients were approaching me with “Can you write a flight management and tracking software” and I was like “Hell yeah”. Then I looked at MMF2 and thought, “how?”. Ultimately, I achieved it.

I then went on to write radio streaming software for PC, Android and iOS, then I wrote some custom installation software for a client who was releasing games like no tomorrow, that was a job and a half (especially writing the uninstaller – how do you get the executable you’re running to delete itself and leave no trace?) – finally, I managed it (with a lot of wizardry).

I’ve done some pretty spectacular things with MMF2 and then Fusion 2.5. Back in 2013, Jeff at Clickteam said “Hey Danny, check out this thing called Udemy! We’d love to see a Multimedia Fusion 2 course on this” so I went ahead and created one. It took me around 4-5 weeks to develop and I had no expectations whatsoever. It was more of a personal achievement that excited me.

Fast forward to 2019, I have several courses now on Udemy and I run the ClickFusion Academy full time. This is my full time job. I teach full time. I also provide technical support for Clickteam aswell as teach.

I’ll get to the point much quicker (I enjoy getting personal)! Having had the courses on Udemy and running the Academy, it’s always exciting for me to teach game design, game development and software/application development using Fusion 2.5 (soon to be Fusion 2.5+) and eventually Fusion 3.

It’s with a huge thank you to every single person who is a member of the Academy and/or the online courses that has made me take the decision to make teaching my absolute full time job. I have kids too, and it would be great if they would follow in my Fusion footsteps but that’s for another day.

Last year, I looked at my Udemy stats and I wasn’t happy with the progress (not signups). I decided that Udemy was no longer for me. However, I have a lot of students not just on Udemy but the Academy (almost 3,000) to be exact which makes me feel ecstatic. So I decided to write my own platform. I have been working on a new platform for the last 4-5 months.

Udemy just weren’t giving me the reach I needed to be more personal with you guys and I had 0 control over a lot of things.

OneClick Training Logo

Say hello to the new parent site OneClick.Training – my new teaching website. From this point forward, I will be putting my full time efforts into OneClick Training and the Academy.

Today is the launch day of OneClick Training and to celebrate I am offering ALL courses (just for Academy members) at just $9 entry! If you enrol to these courses, they are lifetime access. This means you get 24/7/365 access forever. If you wish to check out the courses, click here. This offer will last until the 25th March 2019.


I have ported all my courses over from Udemy and will no longer be uploading to Udemy but OneClick Training. I can provide a more personal, professional and prompt service using my own platform.

If you are already a student over at Udemy for any of the courses, please send me a message over at Udemy and I will grant you access to that same course on OneClick Training.

For those who maybe wondering what the future holds for the Academy, it holds a lot. Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ is due out at the end of March. I’m still bound by NDA to not discuss F3 aside of what has already been posted by Clickteam, but Fusion 2.5+ will keep us going for a long time. The ClickFusion Academy is also still my Full-Time job and I have a lot of exciting plans and content to add in 2019 (I’m looking forward to the new live streams – I have an awesome setup)!

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  1. I’m a little confused (I’d say “too” but the comment saying the same sort of thing before me is now gone). I’m not understanding what this means for future Academy content. So, courses like on OCT will be end-to-end for types of games and Academy will be component tutorials only?

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Yes, just to clear up any confusion. The courses were around before the Academy, except they were hosted on Udemy. I have simply switched (ported) them over to my own platform for more control and development of them. The Academy will still be updated and still feature everything from the live streams to new examples to new tutorials.

      The Academy contains a plethora of tutorial components that appeals to everyone. The courses contain content that appeal to specific audiences.

      People have different ways of learning, some people want to learn in a linear fashion through a course (Start at Step A and go to Step B) whereas the Academy teaches you all these steps and more, but in a non-linear fashion.

      I hope this clears things up a bit better.

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