July 2017 Podcast – The Academy

In this podcast, recorded mid-July 2017, Danny discusses how the Academy came about, what it is built upon and the aim and goal of the Academy. Going in-depth on how he started using Multimedia Fusion 2 and Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for active, professional development and starting a career as a freelance software developer.

The podcast also covers a brief update on Clickteam’s Fusion3.


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  1. Enjoyed this, Danny, and definitely looking forward to more. Your cool accent is enough to keep me coming back 😀

    I hope there’ll be some content in the academy for advanced users, though I don’t know how well that lines up with your primary demographics.

    1. Thanks Dave! Glad to hear my accent is popular worldwide. Odd thing is, everyone worldwide can understand me yet my friends can’t ?

      I’ll be integrating more advanced stuff in but I’m just cautious about the approach at the moment.

      I think the Live Streams would be perfect for it!

  2. Hi Danny,

    I really enjoyed hearing your history and where things all started and look forward to further episodes of the Podcast. I would like to have more infromation sharing on using Multimedia Fusion for application development as well.


  3. Congratulations on ClickFusion Academy and your 1st podcast!

    Really interesting hearing about your experiences and how you learned so much from working hard on those projects, taking on challenges and putting yourself out there.

    Your pioneering spirit and determination is very inspiring!

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