The Northern Developer Podcast March 2018

In today’s podcast, I literally stumble to my computer with a cup of tea ready to do this 🙂 Today’s podcast is all about random stuff including Click Convention, Clickteam Fusion (of course) and some stuff that I’m working on. Don’t forget to subscribe for notifications of future podcasts.

Clickteam Fusion 3, Game Dev Podcast

Clickteam Fusion 3 Podcast

It’s been a few weeks since my last development podcast as the neighbours have been fitting a new roof so there’s been a LOT of noise, which I couldn’t bypass. So, in turn, I have a lot to get off my chest in this podcast. I discuss the moving forward of Clickteam and the game […]

Weirder Stuff 2 Podcast

Game Development Podcasts

In today’s podcast (23rd October 2017) I didn’t really have an agenda with this podcast. I end up discussing a flurry of random stuff and do quite a segment on the Weirder Stuff 2 ClickJam from this weekend just gone. Tune in! Feedback welcome 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to my YT channel for updates […]

August 8th Podcast – Complete your projects

Game Development Podcasts

Finish your Clickteam Fusion projects In this solo podcast I talk about people finishing their game development or app development projects in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. I briefly touch on the amount of users Fusion has compared to how many WIP or completed projects you see. I also discuss Spryke by Volnaiskra ( and I also […]