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October 3rd Dev Podcast

Whilst missing the September deadline for a podcast, this should actually be considered as September’s. The reason that fudged, was after 42 minutes of recording, I listened back and not only was the pitch changed but there was a lot of crackling, thus rendering the podcast as a fail.

In todays podcast I talk about a variety of things, not just from a Clickteam and the Academy perspective but also a few personal perspectives too, including servers and stuff. Enjoy.

Audio Podcast


Links from the preceding podcast are available.

Build a Platformer with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (Udemy Course)
KWARN Armada Tactics Kickstarter

Video Podcast

Here is the YouTube video link for the podcast will be available soon.

Download Podcast

If you would like to download this podcast as an MP3, it is available here.


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