Trouble toggling switch state.

AnswerStackCategory: Clickteam Fusion 2.5Trouble toggling switch state.
Aaron Roy asked 4 years ago

I have a switch that I want to toggle between states if user presses CTRL key.
I have 2 events. 
The first event checks if CTRL pressed and state is 1, then set state to 0
The next event checks if CTRL pressed and state is 0, then set state to 1
Problem: The first event never runs, only the second one.  Once the switch is turned on (=1) I cannot turn it back off.  Does anyone know why the first event is not running even though both conditions are being met?
If I change the first event to check a different key (say Q) then everything works fine.  But seems it will not run the first event if I check for the same key pressed (CTRL).
I have a sample file, but don’t know how to attach it here.