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AvatarDylan Dexter asked 11 months ago

I have a sub-application window running in another frame as a smaller window inside a full screen frame.
This sub-application window is to be used for selecting items from, basicaly as a selection window inside my main frame window.
I’m finding that once I click on this sub-app window it does make it active, but I’m still having some problem using collisions, selecting areas, etc. – is it that fusion is not focusing correctly on this sub-app once selected, is there a way of getting my mouse actions to respond correctly for a sub-app window.  This in the first time trying to use a  sub-application, maybe I’m mising something obvious?
Has anyone got any advice/experience using sub-applications in this way who could offer some advice?

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AvatarDylan Dexter answered 11 months ago

Have noticed that the selection/colision problem only occurs when the sub-apps window is resized, – this seems to cause a discrepency between the mouse x,y co-ords and any objects in the sub-app display. Does anyone know how this can be solved?

AvatarDanny Staff answered 11 months ago

Hey Dylan,
A unique problem you have here. Any chance you could email me the MFA over and I’ll take a look for you? I can report this to the devs also, if it is indeed a Fusion discrepancy.

AvatarDylan Dexter answered 11 months ago

Hi Danny,
Thanks the reply, – I have managed to WinZip my coding, what’s the best way to get this to you, as I cannot see a way to attach it in here?
Many thanks,

AvatarDanny Staff answered 11 months ago

Hey Dylan,
Best to use the email on the contact us page. I can’t put it on here due to spambots.

AvatarDylan Dexter answered 11 months ago

Thanks Danny,
That’s great,  I’ve just emailed it to the support contact on the contacts page, hope that’s the one you mean.
Thanks again,

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