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Dylan Dexter asked 3 weeks ago

I have a sub-application window running in another frame as a smaller window inside a full screen frame.
This sub-application window is to be used for selecting items from, basicaly as a selection window inside my main frame window.
I’m finding that once I click on this sub-app window it does make it active, but I’m still having some problem using collisions, selecting areas, etc. – is it that fusion is not focusing correctly on this sub-app once selected, is there a way of getting my mouse actions to respond correctly for a sub-app window.  This in the first time trying to use a  sub-application, maybe I’m mising something obvious?
Has anyone got any advice/experience using sub-applications in this way who could offer some advice?

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Dylan Dexter answered 3 weeks ago

Have noticed that the selection/colision problem only occurs when the sub-apps window is resized, – this seems to cause a discrepency between the mouse x,y co-ords and any objects in the sub-app display. Does anyone know how this can be solved?

Danny Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Dylan,
A unique problem you have here. Any chance you could email me the MFA over and I’ll take a look for you? I can report this to the devs also, if it is indeed a Fusion discrepancy.

Dylan Dexter answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Danny,
Thanks the reply, – I have managed to WinZip my coding, what’s the best way to get this to you, as I cannot see a way to attach it in here?
Many thanks,

Danny Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Dylan,
Best to use the email on the contact us page. I can’t put it on here due to spambots.

Dylan Dexter answered 2 weeks ago

Thanks Danny,
That’s great,  I’ve just emailed it to the support contact on the contacts page, hope that’s the one you mean.
Thanks again,