AnswerStackString objects are cut off and misplaced when built in HTML5
AvatarKilk1 asked 6 months ago


I’m exporting a game to multiple platforms. At present, I’m working on HTML5. If I test my HTML5 game by choosing “Run Application (F8),” everything looks fine. However, once I build it, the string objects become glitchy, getting cut off or misplaced.

For example, the main menu screen correctly looks like Click image for larger version. Name:	Capture.jpg Views:	11 Size:	55.8 KB ID:	26302 when the application is being tested, but it glitches to Click image for larger version. Name:	Capture.jpg Views:	9 Size:	50.6 KB ID:	26303 after being built.

Furthermore, what’s really problematic is when the credits screen goes from Click image for larger version. Name:	Capture.jpg Views:	9 Size:	107.5 KB ID:	26304 to Click image for larger version. Name:	Capture.jpg Views:	10 Size:	107.3 KB ID:	26305. (I have blue string objects acting as links, overlapping regular string objects. They are supposed to be in the same area, but they are moved after building, as can be seen by viewing the images.)

What do you think is going on? For reference, my OS is Windows 10, and my Internet browser is Firefox.


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AvatarDanny Staff answered 6 months ago

Hey Kilk,
Apologies for the delay in response I had to get some clarification from Fernando. He is currently working on some potential fixes for this.
May I ask what font you’re using? May be best to use a widely supported system font for now (ie: Arial-Tahoma-Verdana) until this gets a full resolution…

AvatarKilk1 replied 6 months ago

Hey Danny,

Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear Fernando’s working on it. Here are the fonts my game uses:

One disclaimer is that I converted any font above that was an OTF file to instead be TTF.


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