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electrochrisso asked 6 years ago

Where do I find the MFA files for the video tutorials.

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Danny Staff answered 6 years ago

The downloads should be attached to the post. If you find any not working let me know and I will fix them up.

electrochrisso answered 6 years ago

I will post the ones as I find them starting with this one.
After Image Effect

electrochrisso answered 6 years ago

Detecting closest enemy fastloop is another one, at the end of the videos you say the mfa file is in the download section, but i cant find a download section on the website and the mfa file isnt on the tutorial page.
Sorry to be a pest about this Danny, but i need to study the mfa files for a while, as i cant remember all the events in the videos. 

Danny Staff answered 6 years ago

Thanks for this list electrochrisso, not a pest at all. I really appreciate you letting me know which ones are not working. I can fix them up!