I feel lost

Stelios Mouzogiannis asked 4 years ago

Yesterday I bought the lessons in order to understand the fusion engine. The problem is I feel Im totally lost. I tried to follow the videos by order as they presented in the site,. The first of these are an introduction, a welcoming for the newcomers which is nice since it gives you a taste about the prog itself.
But then, it becomes complicated and I lost my track.
Im a person that havent got any experience in programming or gaming making in general and the tutorials , althought they are very informative about their subjects, I feel they are not in a right order for an ultimate noob ike me.
What should I do in order to feel more comfortable with the program? Jump to the examples? watch again and again the menus? 
I have no idea..

Devis Sacchetti replied 4 years ago

nah, come on my friend, it’s not so hard, and with using the tutorals and asking in the forum you can learn in a fast way, trust me

Stelios Mouzogiannis replied 4 years ago

Thanks for the reply Devis. I have visited the site but the thing is it provides mechanism-wise examples. Which means you have to understand some basics things about the program. I, myself am far from that. I cannot creating/developing something simple in the first place…thats why I joined the paid section. I think, the tutorials here are nice but not for a level-0 user like me. Plus, their order is not right . I mention that because I tried to follow them 1 by 1 but.. no luck. I ended up ultra confused. Right now, I’m a little disappointed and in a no-way out of understanding the program.

Devis Sacchetti replied 4 years ago

I suggest also to take a look at Nivram’s site castels-of-britain is full of easy exemple