How to make a Character Guide in my game with different animations

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CyberGeek asked 6 years ago

Hi Everybody,
I am trying to make a game with a animated guide like this character,

He’s the one holding a parrot, I want to make him perform different animations according to whats happening in the game similar to the game in this youtube video, for example when the player character in this game shown collects all the letters, then the animated Guide will bang his stick on the ground, and will talk at the beginning of each level,  I have compiled a sprite sheet with my own guides actions (talking, etc) but I don’t know what Object I would use and how I would use that object to load up a animated sequence with a sound in sequence(lipsync aside) in that the sound of the guide talking starts at the beginning of the sequence of animation, and a new sequence will load for another event like finishing the level for example, or losing the level. each with a new sound that is started at the beginning of each animated sequence.
Thanks for your help.

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eric turpin answered 6 years ago

Hello , in fusion you can use the active object to achieve what you want. When you put it in your scene it’s just a simple green diamond , but when you  ( double ) click  an editor  appears and you can import sprite sheets via a small “open” button at the top of the editor.  Then , assign a name to the imported animation. In the game , in the event editor , create an event that triggers that animation when something happens.  Import as many animations as you want ( there may be a limit though ). In the event editor , trigger a sound  ( action ) in the same line as the line in which you programmed the animation change.

CyberGeek answered 5 years ago

Thanks Eric, Sorry I thought I had replied.
Really Appreciate your help 🙂