AnswerStackCategory: Clickteam Fusion 2.5How to create a math quiz with random addition ?
Avatarlololonix asked 2 months ago

Hi everybody,
I would like to create a game similar to this one :
It would be for one player a the moment and only for addition.
I would like to know if there is  a tutorial  about this kind of math quiz or if someone have an idea on how to generate random additions and also random answer with only one true answer ?
Sorry for my bad english, i am french.
I hope you could help me.

1 Answers
AvatarDanny Staff answered 2 months ago

This is pretty achievable. What I would do is, have your correct answers down in a delimited format, ie:

8 x 2#16#32#4
This way you always know that the second delimiter (1) is the correct answer. You then take the third and fourth delimiters (2)(3) and throw them into a random shuffler to generate random answers. For example, you would take answer 2 (32) and do this:
RRandom(delimiter2,delimiter2+delimiter2/delimiter2) this would give a random answer between 32 and 96, thus appearing random every time.
You then choose a random slot to display this everytime the question pops up so the correct answer is never in the same place.

AvatarDanny Staff replied 2 months ago

That would be String Tokenizer, if you check out the Tutorial Hub, you will see tutorials on using the String Tokenizer to hold data…

Avatarlololonix replied 2 months ago

Thanks for your response.
What is the object i have to use to enter the line you gave me “RRandom(delimiter…) ?

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