External program starts but stops (execute external program -command)

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Jarkko Soini asked 6 years ago

I have made launch app with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. External program is trying to launch but it shuts down, anyone knows solution to this?

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Jarkko Soini answered 6 years ago

I got that fixed now, using (wait) command when setting up execute external program -command. I have created a launch app where player can choose to play from 3 different games (Game1, Game2, Game3), made with same engine but other than Clickteam Fusion.
Now new problem is that when player clicks any of these objects, it launches only the Game1, when it shoulds for example launch Game2. Problem appears with fixed or evaluated pathname and I dont understand how it is possible, because path is different for all of these.

djfuego answered 6 years ago

Hi Jarakko,
What version of MMF are you using? Can you create a list box object as a text output so you can see the execution path which is being called?

Jarkko Soini answered 6 years ago

I am using Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Developer.
I managed to get that ‘execute external program’ command working by creating a new launcher which is in the same folder as the external program .exe file (standalone game). So now when player launches the game, program will launch another launcher .exe (Clickteam Fusion application) which launches the actual game. In this case game itself has been made with different game engine and this problem only appears with this another game engine standalone.