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Dylan Dexter asked 6 years ago

Is there a way of pasting an image from one active object or active background object onto another active objects image, – to combine both images into one?
I’m hoping to use an image as a mask to do a circular crop of the second image and also apply a fading/increasing transparency to the edged of the second image?
Thought initialy that overlaying the images would work, but cannot find a way do perform the cropping, and any image substraction from the first image also effects everything underneath the image’s area and not just the second objects image, so had to rule this approach out.
Any ideas?

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Danny Staff answered 5 years ago

Hey Dylan,
This is technically possible, it may just have to be a crazy approach. You can use an off-screen Surface object to take the frame from the first active, paste it into surface, export as a PNG and then load the frame into the second active using the Load Frame action in the events…

Dylan Dexter answered 5 years ago

Hey Danny,
Thanks for the advice, – pasting an active frame into a Surface object sounds like a good approach, I’ll check out the Surface object and see what if I can it working from your instructions.
I might be back asking more questions on this one, there are so many features in Fusion and still finding my way around.
Much appreaciated, thanks,