Are the lessons in the paid/pro section meant to be done sequentially?

AnswerStackCategory: Clickteam Fusion 2.5Are the lessons in the paid/pro section meant to be done sequentially? asked 6 years ago

Are the lessons listed in the Paid/Pro section meant to be done in sequence? Or should it be done in a specific order so that it’s easier to understand without having to jump from one section to another and back and forth, just to understand the concepts taught?

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Richard Guest answered 6 years ago

Hi… When I signed up, as a complete beginner in this field 2 months ago, I was a little confused as well. I wrote to “Danny” directly and here is his answer.
“I completely understand your position. Even though the Academy may appear to be just a bunch of scattered resources, it actually isn’t. If you take a look at the Plus section, that is procedural learning, so learning left-to-right on those tutorials is step-by-step. It’s only the Pro section which is random. I would suggest going through Plus first, then take a look at some of the Pro tutorials.”
I have had a look at the lessons and they seem to match what he says. The Plus section is a stet-by-step process showing you what you need to know and do in the right order, in order to acquire the beasics, while the Pro section seems more geared to someone who knows the basics but wants to develop a specificskill. I hope this helps. – Richard