About Sound Control

rcarman asked 3 years ago

Hi – I was wondering if you would make a simple tutorial for controlling music and sound effects in applications. I generally use OGG files because they work on Android and PC devices. What is the best way to turn all sounds off, adjust volumes of samples and music (ogg), etc. Thank you.

James Whitaker replied 2 years ago

The best way to turn off all sounds is to set the main volume to 0. To turn the sound back on, set the main volume to 100. This can be done by left-clicking under the sound object in the event editor and hovering over “samples”. Select “Set Main Volume” on the menu that pops up. It is located about three-quarters of the way down the list. If you want to adjust the volume of specific samples or include a setting to turn off just the background music or just the sound effects, first, play them on different channels and then select “adjust channel volume” from the same drop-down list. You can also adjust the volume of a specific sample by selecting “adjust sample volume”.