Fusion 2.5 Unable to resolve project target Android

Unable to resolve project target android-XX When using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 along with the Android exporter to develop your Android games and apps, you may run into this error: If you do, do not fear. This is a common error when you’re either starting a new application or updating an older one. Android API Version […]

Answer for Sub-Application focusing

Hi Danny, Thanks the reply, – I have managed to WinZip my coding, what’s the best way to get this to you, as I cannot see a way to attach it in here? Many thanks, Dylan

Answer for Android SDK Location

Another step forward (sideways?) Buildfile: H:\Tmp\AndD919.tmp\build.xml -set-mode-check: -set-debug-files: -check-env:[checkenv] Android SDK Tools Revision 25.2.5[checkenv] Installed at E:\Java8SDK -setup:[echo] Project Name: RuntimeAndroid[gettype] Project Type: Application -set-debug-mode: -debug-obfuscation-check: -pre-build: -build-setup:[getbuildtools] Using latest Build Tools: 28.0.3[echo] Resolving Build Target for RuntimeAndroid…[gettarget] Project Target: Android 5.1.1[gettarget] API level: 22[echo] ———-[echo] Creating output directories if needed…[mkdir] Created dir: H:\Tmp\AndD919.tmp\bin[mkdir] Created […]

Answer for Android SDK Location

Thanks Danny, That progressed me a bit – I reinstalled the JDK and SDK to new directories and then tried again with Fusion. After pointing Fusion at these – I got an error – ‘Can’t Find Tools.Jar’ – but compilation proceeded until another error (Can’t find Javac.exe) – Does JAVA_HOME point at the correct directory […]

Sub-Application focusing

I have a sub-application window running in another frame as a smaller window inside a full screen frame. This sub-application window is to be used for selecting items from, basicaly as a selection window inside my main frame window. I’m finding that once I click on this sub-app window it does make it active, but […]

Answer for External program starts but stops (execute external program -command)

I am using Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Developer. I managed to get that ‘execute external program’ command working by creating a new launcher which is in the same folder as the external program .exe file (standalone game). So now when player launches the game, program will launch another launcher .exe (Clickteam Fusion application) which launches the […]

Android SDK Location

Hi, I’m trying to get the Android exporter up and running – but get the following error: Buildfile: H:\Tmp\AndAAB4.tmp\build.xml BUILD FAILEDH:\Tmp\AndAAB4.tmp\build.xml:84: Cannot find e:\Users\Martin\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\tools\ant\build.xml imported from H:\Tmp\AndAAB4.tmp\build.xml Total time: 0 seconds I’ve pulled the SDK directory from AndroidStudio SDK manager – which will happily install new SDK versions and updates to the directory – but […]