ClickFusion Academy – Changelog

This is the official changelog. From here you can see what updates have been done, changes and modifications to the website, content and the userbase. It also lists entries for new features, features that have been removed or modified. Important updates will reflect here aswell as the Academy Members newsboard.

October 2018 Updates

September 2018 Updates

  • Started design of new marketing material for Pro members to use in marketing their games online
  • Started design of a second ‘alternative’ content layout page (users can use the tile format or a list format)
  • Uploaded new audio packs for Pro members to download (will be available from the 27th September)
  • Scheduled October Live Stream in

August 2018 Updates

July 2018 Updates

  • Setup a new live streaming section and set some new dates
  • Upgraded web server (PHP/SQL/AnswerStack)
  • Updated Student Hub

April 2018 Updates

  • Updated some missing links to MFA downloads on some specific tutorials

March 2018 Updates

Feb 2018 Updates

  • Fixed email SMTP/DNS issue with the server. It would appear some of the DNS had been incorrectly configured for RDNS. People should be getting more emails now. Please check your SPAM folders for any ClickFusion Academy emails and select ‘Not Spam’ to ensure you get emails from the server.

Jan 2018 Updates

  • New Podcast available with Triadian – Clickteam Firefly in Fusion 2.5
  • Just to note, there have been other additional updates for Jan but unfortunately they were not noted down due to absence – I will iterate through the list of changes best I can in Feb and issue an email regarding these (and update here accordingly).

December 2017 Updates

November 2017 Updates

  • Integrated new branding (replacing old one)
  • Redesigned entire website
  • Performed some heavy DB operations to ensure site remains optimized
  • Started a new section (Academic) for educators, schools and universities
  • Start a new weekly series (ClickFusionOS) – Episode 1

October 2017 Updates

September 2017 Updates

August 2017 Updates

July 2017 Updates

June 2017 – Updates

June 2017

  • Rebranded FusionRAD into The Fusion Academy.

1st May 2017

  • Revamped Members Area (Hub) [link]

26th April 2017

  • Added a new video tutorial Maze Game with Level Editor [link]

18th April 2017

  • Introduced a new module, the Expression Editor which will look at all the functions inside the editor. You will see this update accordingly. [link]

16th April 2017

  • Fixed up some internal links (a few incorrect tutorial links)

3rd – 6th April 2017

  • Migrated website over to a brand new server. Installed a new caching system along with Varnish. Installed new SSL Certs.

2nd April 2017

  • Installed new caching system to the website

27th March 2017

  • Added a new video tutorial Spaceroids (Full game tutorial) [link]

26th March 2017

  • Added a new video tutorial Creating a Newspaper Popup for your games [link]

17th March 2017

  • Added a new video tutorial Creating your own Game or App Updater [link]

3rd March 2017

  • Added a new written tutorial Getting to know the Fusion 2.5 Runtime [link]

1st March 2017

  • Added a new video tutorial Child Objects in Fusion 2.5 [link]
  • Added a new video tutorial Preloading Frames in Fusion 2.5 [link]
  • Added a new video tutorial Basic Inventory System [link]
  • Added a new video tutorial Optimization in Fusion 2.5 (Part 1) [link]

27th February 2017

  • Added a new video tutorial Optimization in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (Part 1) [link]

23rd February 2017

  • Added a new written lecture Mobile Display Resolutions

7th February 2017

  • Added a new tutorial Coin Run
  • Added a new free tutorial Fastloop – Introduction
  • Added a new tutorial to free section JumpJump video tutorial
  • Added a new Board Game Mechanic video tutorial
  • Added a new If – Else statement video tutorial

6th February 2017

  • Added a new Free Tour of the website for non-members

2nd February 2017

  • Added a new written tutorial (Spreading Unique IDs)

31st January 2017

  • Uploaded new JumpJump tutorial video
  • Added a new video tutorial (What is an Event?)
  • Added a new video tutorial (Introduction to App Development)

30th January 2017

29th January 2017

  • Dropped monthly subscriptions completely
  • Changed yearly (annual) subscriptions to one-time membership (no more subscriptions for anyone – Lifetime memberships)

27th January 2017

  • Added a new “HOW TO” written lecture to Module One.

26th January 2017

  • Added a new “Animalz” tutorial to Module 6

11th January 2017

  • All HTTPS areas are now 100% non-mixed content. All assets on every page including images are forced to server as https for maximum security.

7th January 2017

  • Re-introduced Module 5 to the curriculum list. Cleaned up some links and levelled the audio across the module for video tutorials

6th January 2017

  • Server migration complete and successful
  • Installed new cache system and reconfigured some extra cache settings
  • Did a full-server optimisation routine on all images stored serverside
  • You should now notice an even bigger increase in site speed, in particular video tutorial buffer speed
  • Redesigned Student Hub to be more user-friendly and looks a lot better

5th January 2017

  • Created and added a new, fully commented example to Module 9 (Changing XScale – Width)

4th January 2017

  • Cleaned up curriculum page (new style links)
  • Added a new module (Application Development)
  • Added a new written tutorial (App Dev – Detecting file drops)

3rd January 2017

  • Started upgrade on server (you might experience some weirdness for 24-48 hours whilst DNS propagates)
  • Installed a new ‘cache’ system and some new time extensions to the client cache

1st January 2017

  • Added a brand new user notification system. This saves me sending emails out to inboxes. Now you should subscribe to notifications and I can send notifications out to all users. If you haven’t subscribed yet, click on website options (in Chrome click the (i) button next to the website address and click on notifications). If you have subscribed, you should see a green bell icon in the lower left corner of your screen when you are on the website.

31st December 2016

  • Fixed various broken website links
  • Added forums to the website main menu
  • Corrected https mixed content on the checkout page (some still exists through css)
  • Posted up new testimonials page
  • Added new ‘attachment’ feature to forum (You can now attach files)
  • Added a new website ‘glossary’. Certain terms will now be highlighted as a link in grey, hover over to see a description.

30th December 2016

  • Added the ‘Sideways Scroller’ video tutorial
  • Added The String Tokenizer video tutorial
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